Going Live

After successfully integrating and testing the mCommerce SDK and platform APIs with your solution, you are ready to go live!

Here is what you need to do:

Have you implemented WebHooks?

Make sure you have integrated and tested WebHooks on our test system.

Request a WebHook and Credentials for Live Processing

Make a WebHook URL available on your live backend and register it with your account manager. Talk to your account manager to get the live credentials. You are going to receive the following:

  • apiIdentifier and apiSecretKey for your backend.
  • An applicationIdentifier for your live app.

Request Live Merchants

Talk to your account manager to register your live merchants. You will receive one profileToken per merchant.

Set up your Backend for Live Processing

Change your backend to use the correct API endpoints and credentials.

Edit Credentials in the App

Edit applicationIdentifierprofileToken for the merchant, and adjust the servertype to LIVE in your initialization of PWPaymentProvider:

On iOS, change the serverType of your provider during initialization:

self.provider.serverType = PWLiveServer;

On Android, initialize the binder with PWProviderMode.LIVE: