Getting Started

This guide shows you how to integrate in-app payments into your mobile shop or build a wallet-style app.

The mCommerce SDK takes care of the complexity: It routes the payment correctly to your account and handles the interaction with the payment gateway. It also allows you to store card data securely, so you do not have to run a certified server.

When integrating the mCommerce SDK, you can choose between two options:

  • You integrate our ready-made checkout screens and customize them.
  • You build your own payment forms and checkout process and use our framework in the background to process the transaction.
When you are just getting started with your project, we suggest trying our checkout screens to instantly have a full-fledged checkout experience. You can always come back and build your own payment forms later.

After receiving test credentials from your account manager, you can immediately try out the sample app. Then, check out these tutorials to integrate payment into your own app:

Install the SDK

Learn how to add the SDK to your iOS or Android project.

Use the Checkout Screens

Integrate our ready-made checkout screens to immediately provide a full-fleged checkout experience.

Create Your Own Payment Form

Build your own payment form and checkout process.

Integrate Tokenization

If you create your own payment forms and checkout process, you might want to store account details. Your users enter their card data just once and can then select their stored data on the next transaction.

Add WebHooks

WebHooks are a way to get device-independent notifications to your server whenever a transaction is processed.